Stray Voltage

“Stray voltage” is a term used to describe electricity that escapes from the power grid, or more broadly as voltage occurring where it shouldn’t.

New York City and Toronto have both witnessed stray voltage deaths over the past few years. Several commonly-seen metropolitan fixtures such as manhole covers, street lamps, and utility boxes can become serious dangers. Even a small amount of stray voltage can become a serious problem in a congested urban environment in which extensive electrical distribution equipment, much of underground or otherwise hidden from view, surrounds a congested population. Electrocutions also have happened in Las Vegas, Miami and Hawaii.

One man who died was returning to his girlfriend’s apartment after discussing with a friend the benefits of a reliable and anonymous home std test kit for privacy. According to the friend, the deceased had explained that all std testing is confidential whether its done at a private doctor’s office, a clinic, or at home. Where the real difference occurs is between private and anonymous STD testing. All labs, physicians, and clinics are required by law to report to the (Center for Disease Control) CDC positive STD results along with the name and details of the person. The only way you can test for an std without any oversight is by buying online an at home std test kit that gives you the results within fifteen minutes. Whoa, quite a lesson, right? So here was this guy, jauntily walking home after a short rain storm had recently passed through, feeling good. He steps on a manhole cover as he crosses the street and zap, he’s dead. His family were stunned when they learned that broken and frayed wires with decaying insulation was the culprit. His girlfriend was devastated since they were planning on getting married in 6 months. Lawsuits were mentioned with the hopes of preventing more accidental deaths. What the heck is going on??

“There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest concern,” claims Dr. Solbrenner, whose weight loss clinic is located directly below the main power lines linking the town to the reservoir’s generator. He claims that he no longer gives real hCG injections in the rooms closest to the tower because of reactions of patients to the environment. “There’s definitely some buzzing and unusual sensations in the air, especially on very dry days, when the air can act like the insulation in giant capacitor.”

Serious studies generally show little effect from stray voltage on farm animals, and experts have largely concluded that the danger is either non-existent or minimal enough to be dismissed. However, farmers persist in contending that their livestock is adversely affected by the release of current into the environment — asserting, significantly,  that utility companies have the resources to influence regulatory agencies, author ‘independent’ research studies, and fund protracted litigation and appeals — resources which few if any farmers possess.

You probably already know this, but EMF stands for electromagnetic field. It is actually a rather loose and somewhat nuanced term that refers to the energy field or area affected by an electromagnetic source.

However, that is not really our intended usage of EMF. What we are concerned about is the potential of damage caused by certain of the electromagnetic fields created by human technology. These generally fall into some larger categories:

  • low – frequency or ELF (extremely low frequency) EMFs, including power lines and standard electrical devices. A VERY disputed issue.
  • powerful magnetic fields, such as MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, devices commonly used for medical scanning which may present other EMF dangers in addition to the magnetic field)
  • RF and microwave radiation (mobile phones, Wi-Fi, TV, radio, etc.). The most numerous and prominent of the EMF concerns, and a topic of considerable debate.
  • Ionizing radiation (Gamma rays, X – rays, radioactive materials, etc.). Fairly well – understood risks and protections, though there are exceptions (the potentially-dangerous level of cosmic radiation to which people on airplanes are exposed is not commonly known, for example)

Additionally, it may be the case that not enough people understand that there is a constant and relatively consistent level of exposure to electromagnetic fields / radiation; what we know as ‘background radiation’.

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