Low and Extra-Low Frequency EMF

When we talk about low – frequency and extremely low-frequency (ELF), we are basically referring to the electrical infrastructure all around us. Think power lines, electrical wiring, and electrical equipment, (overhead and underground power lines, the wiring of our homes and businesses, towns, cities, highways, bridges, et cetera). It is obvious that exposures to many EMF frequencies is increasing significantly as technology advances unabated and new applications are found. That means no electrical appliances, no high power wires near your home, no TV, no microwave?, no Internet etc. For most people that prospect is not acceptable or feasible.

Of course that attitude also use to pervade the thinking of many people regarding buying “green” cleaning products. They could not conceive that eco friendly, recycled, all natural cleaning supplies and paper goods could possibly clean as well as standard products. Boy have the times changed. There are a number of sites online that sell eco friendly janitorial supplies to both businesses and consumers. My favorite cleaning supply resource, CleanItSupply, is a site that straddles the line selling both regular cleaning supplies and offering a substantially large line of green products. Obviously money is to be made with eco friendly products, so manufacturers have spent the monies to develop them. It took a long while before enough people finally were convinced that something had to change. The green movement finally has gained the momentum that today most people, in at least the western countries, accept the premise and embrace it. One wonders how long it is going to take before exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) at extremely low frequencies (ELFs) issues become an acknowledged health concern and something is done about it.

Let’s face it every time some one uses electricity or electrical appliances, he / she is exposed to electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) at extremely low frequencies (ELFs). Even some pet doors, specifically electronic doggie doors that are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies can create electric and magnetic fields for not only for the pet owner, but also the pets. The easy solution to that is to forgo the electronic cat or dog doors and go with a a door – mount, wall mount, or window mount sliding or weather proof animal door. There are even pet doors for screen window, screen door, screened storm door, or the screen slider on your patio door.

There is a lot of ground to cover if we are to cover the topic fully. We have only just begun to scratch the surface of this topic’s information. Please take a few minutes to join us as we discuss the topic further on the next page. We are sure that it will captivate you.

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