Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation is radiation capable of separating electrons from atoms or molecules (creating an ion, thus the name). Examples of familiar ionizing radiation include X-rays, Gamma rays, high-frequency Ultraviolet, and more.

Whereas many of the EMFs that we’ve discussed may or may not lead to cancer, there’s no doubt about the effects of ionizing radiation. Simply put, this is the bad kind of radiation, the one that causes radiation sickness and genetic damage.

Radiation and chemotherapy are two very common treatments for a variety of cancers. These treatments are effective but also can cause a patient to loose their hair. The complexity and pressures of dealing with a medical problems that require radiation and trying to continue looking like yourself, can be difficult for both women and men, as well as children. Many people chose to wear wigs if the hair loss is severe enough. Wearing a wig is a new experience for most of these folks and buying something this personal can takes some time, particularly if you want the wig to look as natural as possible. Fortunately there are a many brick and motor stores as well as e-commerce sites that offer wigs for people who are being introduced to wigs for medical reasons. Although there are many wig manufacturers Gabor Wigs online is one well known alternative hair wear company that caters to women with hair loss. They want to help patients feel better themselves during medical / radiation treatment. Gabor wigs are designed with comfort in mind. Their Personal Fit cap is the ultimate in light comfort and dependable fit with a resilient stretch material that actually “molds” to the wearers head for a more secure fit. These wigs are moderately priced while available in a wide range of styles and colors. Cap construction, but all have velvet lined comfort bands and many have hand knotted tops and monfilament parts or crowns for smooth natural looking contour and part line. Radiation treatments are very beneficial to those with cancer,yet it is a double edged sword.

Radiation also has many beneficial uses beyond its use in eliminating or shrinking cancer cells. X-rays and other forms of radiography, both medical and industrial, have been extremely useful in peering into solid objects. Sterilization of equipment, food, and even insects is becoming more and more common. Radiation therapy is one of the more familiar uses, operating on otherwise unassailable cancers and tumors. And the list of useful products with a radioactive component is so long that we’d run out of space before I could reassure you that most of these products could never harm you in a million years, and many of the rest would take almost that long to harm you at all.

Simply remember that human beings can absorb a relatively high level of radiation on a regular basis without ill effects. The body seems to adapt well to consistent levels of radiation, but has a much lower tolerance for sudden short bursts — even when they’re only moderately higher than the usual background radiation level.

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