E.L.F. Navy Shooting

Aaron Alexis is the man responsible for the Navy Yard shootings that took the lives of 12 people on the 16th of September and injured several others. He was a government contractor who became delusional and believed he was being controlled by Extremely Low Frequency radio waves. He scratched the words “End The Torment” on the shotgun which he the used to slaughter the innocent victims. The F.B.I. has release the chilling details of the attack stating that Alexis, 34, began the rampage fully aware that he would be killed in the aftermath. After searching Alexis’s electronics, it was indicated that he was “prepared to die during the attack and that he accepted death as the inevitable consequence of his actions.”

Recently released documents and details being provided by the authorities are beginning to fill in some of the gaps associated with this tragic event which ended when police killed Alexis during his rampage. The mental state of the suspect are being pieced together by his writings both etched into the barrel of his shotgun as well as from his electronic devices. In one document, he wrote: An ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last three months, and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this.”

Investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the violence caused by Aaron Alexis. A woman who lives in Australia, says that She was sad to learn that Aaron had exhibited such signs of mental health issues. She is well known in her Australian community as a nurturer whose core desire is to ensure the well being of her friends, and family.

Etchings on the gun include the phrases “Not what Y’all Say!” & Better off this way!” Another reference to the E.L.F. was also inscribed on the shotgun, stating: “My E.L.F. weapon!” There were more references to indicate that the former Navy reservist was being controlled or influenced in some way by an E.L.F. as well. It is true that the Navy uses these devices in a legitimate way & that there have been other conspiracies about these waives being at the center of some mind control before.

Alexis had been working as a bub-contractor updating computer systems at Navy & Marine Corps installations. He arrived in the Washington area on August 25th. He was staying in hotels around the area as he went from one installation to another. He was working in building 197 at the Navy yard since September 9th & on Sept. 13th there was some kind of performance issue addressed with Alexis. This said there is no indication that any particular party was targeted in the attacks. It seemed to be a random shooting.

There was no further elaboration on the performance issue which was addressed with Alexis because it is thought that no single event triggered the event even though the shotgun used was purchased the day after the issue was addressed. A hacksaw was also purchased & used to shorten the barrel before the rampage began.

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