Extremely Low Frequency waves are electromagnetic radiation (Radio Waves) with frequencies from 2 – 300 Hz as well as wavelengths that correspond from 1000,000 to 1000 kilometers. As far as atmosphere science is concerned there is another definition as well, 3Hz to 3kHz. Magnetosphere science suggests that the lower frequency electromagnetic oscillations (pulsations occurring below ~3 Hz) are considered to lie in the U.L.F. range which is also defined differently that the I.T.U. radio bands.

Some people have voiced concerns over the possibility of ecological impact. A judge in 1984 halted a construction project, requiring environmental health studies before it could be completed. It was overruled by federal appeals court because the U.S. Navy claimed to have spent over 25 million dollars on a study that showed the resulting emissions of E.L.F. waves were similar to the effect produced by standard power distribution lines. All parties involved did not accept the judgment, as a matter of fact, multiple politicians called for the closure while it was being used. There have also been similar concerns in the past about electromagnetic radiation and health.

Studies have labeled E.L.F. waves as possibly carcinogenic. This classification has also been given to: coffee, gas engine exhaust & pickled vegetables. It is also often used for agents that require further study. There is also a possible association between long term E.L.F. & Alzheimer’s disease. Although there have been occasions where people have submitted claims for social security disability benefits, siting E.L.F. waves as the cause of their disability, no claimants have actually received benefits. This is even ture when social security law firms are involved. For example: when there is a Social Security’s denial of a disability claim, the person can appeal further by requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). It is at this point social security disability lawyers are hired on a contingency basis. However, as I stated before, no one has actually won a case where E.L.F. waves are supposedly the cause of the person’s disability causing them to being unable to work.

E.L.F. waves are regularly generated by lightning as well as other naturally occurring phenomenon in earths magnetic field. This has long since been a subject of study by atmospheric scientists. There is much difficulty building an antenna that can radiate such long waves so E.L.F. waves have only been used in a few man made communication devices. For example such waves penetrate seawater so militaries often use them to communicate with submerged submarines. The frequency of alternating current flowing through electric grids is 50 or 60 Hz which falls with in the E.L.F. Band as well. This is an unintentional source of regular radiation.

Both the Soviet / Russian Navy & the United States Navy use E.L.F. as radio band & radio communication systems for submerged submarines. This is because seawater is electrically conductive & shields submarines from higher frequency waves. Radio communication with submarines that are submerged is impossible on ordinary frequencies but E.L.F. waves penetrate much deeper. There are a couple of major flaws in this process that limit the usefulness. There is a very low transmission rate for the data meaning that only a few characters per minute can be sent & The one way communication it allows because Submarines could not possibly have an antenna large enough to transmit a communication back. Generally the communication that would be sent to submerged Submarines would be to rise to a shallow depth to communicate fully via another system.

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