No, we’re not going to resurrect “Unbelievable” (let it die, please). Nor are we going to try to get you on the G. G. Allin bandwagon (EMF isn’t the place to start, trust me — try Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies instead). This area is solely for discussion of the longstanding and contentious issue of the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields…

The EMF debate goes on, with no ‘definitive’ resolution either way. On one hand, there is ample evidence of the negative effects of EMF on biological systems. On the other hand, there are a large number of people who discount many of the more dire assertions of the anti-EMF crowd, casting such people as something like obsessive conspiracy theorists.

The nature of the Internet is such that looking for the answer may be the least effective way of finding it. Oh, you’ll find plenty of information. Some it may even be properly scientific and objective. The internet will also offer a world of suggestions for things to buy to make your life easier without ever stepping outside your home. The internet has also made it a snap to buy gifts as well; for example such as gift baskets. And we all know a google search will turn up all sorts of bogus as well as helpful information. Recently a friend who was still in shell shock mode after being diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma asked if I would do some research on marijuana edibles. He lives in CA where medical marijuana is legal, as long as you have a medical card and buy it at a state licensed dispensary. It’s a fascinating emerging marketplace with a number of both big and local players making high quality marijuana edibles. You won’t be finding sites that sell marijuana edibles to the public, but there are a lot of dispensaries and collections that have sites. If you live in those states and have a medical marijuana card you can buy from them.

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In the states were recreational marijuana is legal, you still can’t have any cannabis edible shipped over state lines. I hope in my lifetime, the federal government will eschew a more open minded and enlightened approach to the medical benefits of this extraordinary plant. In a search for marijuana edibles I found not only sites that discuss the various marijuana state laws and how to apply for a medical marijuana medical card, but also sites that do reviews about marijuana edibles, sell all sorts of vaporizers, showcase marijuana edible recipes, discuss the benefits and research of medical marijuana uses etc. Well as I said, on the web, regardless you’ll find a lot more opinion, whether it’s opinion expressed as such, or disguised as information on any subject than you can imagine.

We’d like to serve the cause of rationality, if possible, and provide you with the means to make up your own mind — rather than pelt you with propaganda to make you agree with my opinion (I do have one, as we all must, but I’ll try as hard as possible to keep it from coloring the presentation).

You probably already know this, but EMF stands for electromagnetic field. It’s actually a rather loose and somewhat nuanced term that refers to the energy field or area affected by an electromagnetic source.

However, that’s not really our intended usage of EMF. What we are concerned about is the potential of damage caused by certain of the electromagnetic fields created by human technology. These generally fall into some larger categories:

  • low-frequency or ELF (extremely low frequency) EMFs, including power lines and standard electrical devices. A VERY disputed issue.
  • powerful magnetic fields, such as MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging, devices commonly used for medical scanning which may present other EMF dangers in addition to the magnetic field)

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